Online pdf database with smart search technologies offers you a unique possibility to download e-books in PDF format and read them on any device. There were times when books were available in the local libraries only. Here you can find the works on the various disciplines – philosophy, economy, genetics and history, pedagogy and nuclear physics. Remote access to our electronic library helps students, researchers and teachers to keep abreast of the latest discoveries, to monitor the progress of their colleagues, conduct scientific work as well as just have a good time with a book written by Shakespeare or other popular author.

What kinds of books can one find on the The list is really impressive:

  • lifetime editions of many classics of literature of XVIII - early XXI centuries;
  • references;
  • prose and poetry;
  • playwrights and scenarios;
  • non-fiction, memoirs and epistolary heritage of world writers;
  • literary publications;
  • samples of ancient world literature (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Slavic, German and so on);
  • legends of various nations, fairy tales, epics, legends, proverbs, songs, lives of saints and others;
  • manuals, guides and encyclopedias;
  • self-teachers and workbooks for self-education for everyone independently of age and financial abilities;
  • monographs, including translations, collections of scientific works;
  • textbooks and manuals for higher and secondary educational institutions, released in the last 10-12 years, and reflecting the current state of science and knowledge;
  • classic scientific papers that have enduring value;
  • books on jurisprudence leading publishers, including comments to the legislative materials, textbooks under the legislation of the USA and European countries, and so on.;
  • literature on the entire spectrum of psychological sciences;
  • publications on a wide range of economic disciplines;
  • monographs and books on sociology, political science, history, cultural studies, philology;
  • textbooks and manuals on mathematical and physical disciplines;
  • publications in engineering, logistics, construction, geology, ecology, oceanography, life safety, design, etc.;
  • other unique publications.

Our electronic collection presents a wide repertoire of documents on the history and culture of the world and makes it possible to familiarize with the best creations of scientific thought, as well as to trace the formation of all the states in all aspects over the centuries. The collection was created to provide everyone with the opportunity to develop his outlook, use the material for work and study, and enjoy free time with a favorite book. Its formation allows you to take another step in the normalization of relations with the owners of libraries.

There are people who don’t like reading and cannot understand how a book can become one’s best friend. First of all, reading develops certain personal qualities and a personality in general. Personal development does not involve itself in the formation according to a predetermined pattern. Personal development of a man – this is what is happening as a result of the individual's constant presence in the face of culture as a total experience of this constant presence, through which passed the previous generation. Personal development requires that a person is self-determined in the face of this total experience, choosing from him something that is the heart and becomes himself: distinctive human being. Task resource to contribute to the formation of distinctive human beings, is to increase opportunities for self-selection. This task is traditionally carried out by books. They catalog and structure it, make foreseeable, thus facilitating orientation in the information field and the subsequent self-determination.

In our library, along with the training of psychological literature, there is presented the widest range of key texts, which is advisable to read by anyone who would like to continue his development consciously. It will take little time to download an e-book and start the process of self-development.

We have organized our electronic library so that you quickly and accurately find and download the book you were looking for. If you cannot find something, let us know and we will try to do our best to find this book and make it available for you. If you are not sure of the exact name of the author or title of the book, it is best to enter a single word, which are sure, or even part of it, for example, when searching for Dan Brown, just enter the word Brown and you will surely find the books written by this author.

Our online library has been created especially for those who appreciate his time and money. All you need is to use our search freely. Become our regular user today and get an access to the treasury of the wrld literature of all possible genres and branches!

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